Who am I?

Hello! My name is Fransiska Sonia Rickiyanto, but you can just call me Sonia. Currently I’m 19 years old & living in Indonesia. I do really love travelling, so I will post some of my travelling experiences on my free time in this travelling blog.

I have a big dream to visit almost all the countries in this world. For now, I am still being a “baby born” traveller (because I’m still being an university student).  But sooner or later, I believe that I could achieve that dream to do travelling all over the world.

If you have some experiences about travelling, I would be glad to hear it too. Or should you have any question, I would be glad to answer it too. So, please share it to me just by leaving a comment on my posts 🙂

Don’t forget to follow my instagram page @fransiskasonia and go find my travelling hashtag #fransiskasoniasvoyage on instagram.

Thankyou for visiting my “baby born” travelling blog. Hope you like it!